Legal Issues

Legal Issues

An important part of planning for the future is careful consideration of the legal and financial details of wills and estate planning. This is particularly important when a relative with a disability may be dependent on such arrangements.

Pave the Way believes that this planning is best done in conjunction with the broader thinking about the kind of life imagined for the person with a disability and the involvement of other people in making this vision a reality. The details of a will or decisions about trust arrangements can look very different according to the hopes a family has for their son or daughter, brother or sister.

Pave the Way does not offer individual legal advice but can provide information to help clarify some of the issues involved in making a will that best serves the interests of the person with a disability as well as the whole family.

  • "Planning for now, tomorrow and the future" workshop is an introduction to Pave the Way’s approach to future planning for family members with a disability. It includes information about the legal issues involved. View workshop calendar.
  • The booklet, "Planning for now, tomorrow and the future" deals with these same issues. More
  • "Preparing to make a will: what to do before visiting your solicitor" is a document outlining the planning and preparation needed before making a will. More
  • Pave the Way has a panel of solicitors to whom we are happy to refer families. Contact us if you would like more details about the panel.

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