The following links contain information relevant to Pave the Way’s work with families and their relatives with a disability to develop and safeguard their vision and to plan for good life now and in the future. The list is not exhaustive but will be updated periodically. Please Contact Us if you find links here that no longer exist.

Disability Law
Disability Law Queensland (or DLQ) is a non-profit law firm that was established by Mamre in February 2016 to help people with disability and their families plan for the future, assert their rights and access justice.

AMPARO Advocacy is a non-profit community organisation which provides independent individual and systemic advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people from a non-English speaking background with disability.

Planning and Circles of Support
From the Inclusion Network, Canada. Includes articles about planning and circles of support.
Website for Parent to Parent association, a Queensland organisation that provides information, peer support and planning for families who have a member with a disability.
The Centre for Civil Society is a social innovation and public policy think tank for the empowerment of ordinary people. Currently they are supporting an initiative in Victoria which is aiming to promote the development of support circles for vulnerable people. Check the website for updates about this initiative and other articles and events of interest.
Resourcing Families provides information and ideas for families, friends and allies of people with disability so that they can have knowledge, skills, confidence and networks to plan a good life for and with a person with disability.
1000 voices project which aims to collect and display 1000 life stories from people with a disability from around the world - Share your story.
Website from New South Wales dedicated to information about supported living for people with disabilities. Resources, articles and stories of how people with disabilities and their families have organised the support they need to live in their own homes.
Website for Community Living Project, South Australia, which works to enable people who have disabilities to achieve a purposeful and valued community life. Includes news stories about people they have worked with.
Website from Homes West, a small community based service in Brisbane which supports individuals to establish and to live in homes of their own and to be included as active and valued members in their local community. Includes articles about the history of the organisation and how it works.
Website of David and Faye Weatherow, Community Works, Canada. Includes a range of articles around what it takes for a person with a disability to live a good life in the community.
Belonging matters is a small community based advisory service that works with people with a disability and their families to enable them to have opportunities typical of other citizens in the community. While PLA is based in Victoria, the website provides some useful information including a quarterly periodical which attempts to give alternative views about some of the major issues affecting people with disabilities and their families.

Organisations involved in future planning and safeguarding for people with disabilities and their families.

Community Resource Unit exists to support the development of leadership and authentic change which enhances the possibilities for people with disabilities to belong to and participate in community life.
PLAN Canada. Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1989 by and for families committed to future planning and securing a good life for their relative with a disability.
Planned Individual Networks Inc.(PIN) is a not-for-profit organisation created by families in West Australia, based on and inspired by PLAN Canada.
Equal Futures is a Scottish organisation set up by families along the lines of PLAN.

Mental Health
The NDIS/FYI website is a place where you will find tools, resources, factsheets, reports and other documentation on the NDIS relevant to the mental health sector. It is continually updated with the latest information, and in conjunction with the NDISFYI newsletter is part of your toolkit for staying up to date and having what you need to effectivity engage with the NDIS, and find out the nitty gritty details relevant to mental health. 

Websites with links to a range of useful sources of information.
Mamre Association Inc. Pave the Way is part of Mamre Association. Mamre supports families who have a family member with a disability. Mamre is based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Family Advocacy is an independent, community based social advocacy organisation based in New South Wales.
Michael Kendrick’s company, Kendrick Consulting, is a small international consulting firm which focuses on leadership and emerging developments in the fields of disability, mental health and aging. Michael undertakes work with governments, non-government organizations and many grass roots initiatives devoted to the needs, issues and rights of disadvantaged people. Some of the articles on the website focus on topics such as: Social Role Valorisation, advocacy, personalised approaches to supporting people with disability, and the creation of safeguards for people with disabilities, to name a few.

Government Departments

National Disability Insurance Scheme
Department of Social Services
Commonwealth Carelink Centres
Job Access Australia has the most up to date information about what options and supports are available to job seekers with disability. Job Access website has a number of case studies and stories which demonstrate how people with disabilities have been able to work successfully in the open employment market.

Your Life Your choice
Department of Communities, Disability Services
Department of Housing and Public Works

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