About Pave the Way


Pave the Way began in 2002 as a small, part time project within the Mamre Association. The project was designed to work with families on strategies aimed at safeguarding their relatives with a disability when the family was no longer able to do so. From 2004 to June 2014 Pave the Way received funding from the Department of Communities (Disability Services) under the State Government's Succession Planning Initiative. From 2006 until 2011, Pave the Way staff was guided by a Reference Group of people from Brisbane and regional areas of Queensland. Membership of the group included people with disabilities, family members, committed allies of families in Queensland and representatives of Mamre Association. The role of the Reference Group was to assist us in our early development to ensure we stayed true to our intended way of working with families across Queensland.  

As of July 2014, Pave the Way is now funded by the Department of Communities' (Disability Service) Participant Readiness project.  This new aspect of Pave the Way's work will assist Queenslanders with disabilities, their families and carers in the North Coast, North Queensland and Far North Queensland regions to prepare for the roll out in July 2016 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  

State wide Pave the Way will continue to offer: 

  • Information on Succession Planning
  • Legal Information pertaining to Succession Planning
  • The Planning for Now, Tomorrow and the Future presentation
  • Other Presentations/Workshops from time to time.

We will only be able to offer individual assistance with facilitated planning or established support circles when we have capacity to do so. We will still present information about both of these areas through workshops and written resources.

Pave the Way recognises that many families are concerned about the time when they will no longer be able to provide the main support for their relatives with a disability.

We believe the answer to this concern lies not with services alone but with the capacity of families to create a strong vision for the best possible life for their relative, to plan to make that vision a reality now, and to develop ways to make sure the plan is continued into the future.

We base our work with families on some key beliefs:

  • The future starts now – it is never too early or too late to plan
  • Imagine better - future planning begins with developing a clear vision for the best possible life we can imagine
  • There is no template or recipe – every family will create their own vision and plan, at their own pace
  • People keep people safe – inviting others to share our vision and our plans is one way to help secure our hopes for the future

Pave the Way works with families, not for them. We focus on vision building and future planning issues, not case work, advocacy or service development.

PTW  currently employs six staff. While Pave the Way is part of Mamre Association it is not exclusively for families supported by Mamre. Mamre works within a small geographical area of Brisbane only while Pave the Way offers a variety of ways of working with individuals and families throughout Queensland. 

Vision and Values

Pave the Way’s vision and values form the basis of our work with families. This developmental approach emphasises the need to "listen to" and "walk with" people with disability and their families in a way that strengthens the natural capacity of families to work towards building solutions to suit their particular circumstances.