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Privacy and Disclaimer


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Pave the Way shares the Mamre Association's policy on Privacy and Confidentiality which can be found in Mamre's Policy and Procedures.

For further information please contact Pave the Way.

Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations can result in a considerable loss of income and cost to PTW as we have to commit to venue, catering and travel expenses prior to events.  PTW has created a policy that endeavours to balance the needs of participants with the needs of the organisation.    We acknowledge that there are a number of unexpected circumstances that can make it difficult for people to attend events and we are open to requests for a refund after the RSVP date in exceptional situations.

These are general terms and conditions for PTW events but may vary for particular events, for example those longer than one day. If there is a variation, we will publicise conditions on the flyer and on our website. The RSVP date will be shown on event flyers and on the website.   To qualify for a refund or credit for an outstanding invoice, cancellations must be notified by 5pm on the RSVP date either by emailing or phoning (07) 32915800.


Before RSVP date   - Full refund

After 5pm on the RSVP date - No refund provided*

*In exceptional circumstances, you can apply in writing for a possible refund.


If, after booking an event the person is unable to attend, they are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in their place at no additional cost.
We appreciate advice of substitutions in writing so a correct name tag will be available at the registration desk and dietary needs are recorded.

From time to time Pave the Way may need to cancel the occurrence of one of our advertised events.  This could occur due to such things such as; a severe weather event, illness of the Presenter or insufficient numbers attending.

Should cancellation of an event need to occur, we will endeavour to contact all participants at the earliest possible time to inform them of this need. Participants will be refunded in full the fee charged to attend the Presentation.  

For further information please contact Pave the Way.